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Insurance Subrogation

Matthews, Shiels, Knott, Eden, Davis & Beanland, L.L.P., has dedicated itself to maximizing subrogation recoveries on behalf of the insurance industry from legally responsible third parties. Revenues achieved through an effective and well managed subrogation and recovery program can significantly enhance the profitability of claims and underwriting operations, especially in view of ever-increasing competitive pressures.

The Firm represents major property and casualty underwriters as well as reinsurers, self-insurers, insurance syndicates, third-party administrators, insurance brokers and agents, and independent adjustment companies with respect to their subrogation and recovery claims. The Firm is focused on providing timely and accurate investigation and analysis of losses for subrogation and recovery potential, including on-site investigation, where appropriate, by our attorneys. The Firm’s subrogation methods include: providing for the retention and management of forensic experts, conducting technical and legal research, insuring the proper preservation of evidence, coordinating the inspection of the loss site and evidence by adverse parties and their representatives, and prosecution of the claim through the federal and state court systems.

Matthews, Shiels, Knott, Eden, Davis & Beanland, L.L.P., is able to respond to the needs of our subrogation clients strategically on a cost-effective basis. Our system is efficient and effective, allowing our clients to achieve the maximum subrogation recoveries to which they are entitled without any increase in staffing or internal personnel costs.

The following attorneys handle Insurance Subrogation litigation/disputes for the Firm: