We want to assure our clients that Matthews, Shiels, Knott, Eden, Davis & Beanland, LLP is prepared to continue our operations during this public health crisis, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We are currently working in our offices and in the event of an office closure or other disruption, we are equipped to work remotely in a technologically secure environment. We look forward to continuing to serve you and we wish safety and good health to everyone.


Daniel A. Knott – [email protected]
Robert L. Eden – [email protected]
Robert J. Davis – [email protected]
Misti L. Beanland – [email protected]
Marlene D. Thomson – [email protected]

General Litigation

Though Matthews, Shiels, Knott, Eden, Davis & Beanland, L.L.P., has several practice areas on which it focuses, the Firm’s Lawyers are also proud to hold themselves out as practitioners of general civil litigation. The Firm is able to provide a wide variety of services in the context of civil litigation to both new clients and clients with whom the Firm has had a relationship for many years.

As a result, clients are able to streamline their legal services by utilizing a single firm to handle most of their legal needs. However, for those disputes in areas of practice in which the Firm does not engage, the Firm’s attorneys maintain a broad network of legal contacts and can provide referrals as needed.

The following attorneys handle General Litigation/Disputes for the Firm: